Real Estate

The purchase of real estate is likely to be the most significant and valuable transaction most consumers will ever face. Don’t ever make the mistake of entering this arena without a licensed real estate attorney. Only a North Carolina attorney possesses the proper license, knowledge, skill, and experience to protect all your legal rights during a real estate transaction in North Carolina. You simply wouldn’t believe what all could go wrong in real estate transactions! So be wise, and hire the right professionals for the right job. Price & Williams has participated in literally thousands of real estate transactions, and will be there every step of the way to preserve all your legal rights, and protect you from what is often the unseen and unknown at the time of the transaction.


CAUTION:We are seeing the emergence of non-attorneys attempting to close real estate transactions. Beware: Only a licensed North Carolina attorney can close your real estate transaction. Be sure to ask your Broker and Lender if your transaction is being directly conducted and closed by a properly licensed North Carolina attorney. Always remember, it is your transaction, and your best interest should be the most important motivation for all the services provided, at all times.  In North Carolina, you always have the legal right to choose your own real estate professional to protect your rights. 


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